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Our mission to brew and bottle the premier hoppy, healthy, and refreshing alternative to beer started in my kitchen in a flash of inspiration. After home brewing a fresh hopped IPA from hops I grew in my backyard, I found myself wondering what these amazing hops would taste like by themselves. After a quick trial (brewing only with hops) I was astounded with the clean hoppy citrus flavors. Right then, I was convinced that this could be the ultimate new sparkling water for beer lovers.

After discovering that no one had created a craft brewed hop water, I set out to invent a way to bottle it. It was difficult to do right. Eventually, with the help of some innovative brewers and process experts, we crafted a proprietary method and recipe we loved. To test it, I set up a tent as a brewer at a beer festival in 2014 using the newly minted name H2OPS and our hop drop logo. I was so nervous about the reaction, but after a few brave people tried it, word spread, lines formed, and we quickly ran out. It’s been quite a ride ever since!

So here's to hop fans everywhere. Whether you are looking to enjoy that unique flavor on more occasions, moderate or are choosing to avoid alcohol, we are so happy you discovered us.


Paul Tecker - Founder & Brewer

The original craft brewed hop water since 2014.

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