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Our Story

Our mission to brew and bottle the premier hoppy, healthy and refreshing alternative to beer started as an afterthought.  After home brewing a fresh hopped IPA, I found myself wondering what these amazing hops would taste like by themselves. After a quick trial, brewing only with hops (no yeast or grains) I found that the flavor was astoundingly good but needed work. This led to years of experimentation with different hop varieties and craft brewing techniques and the eventual launch in 2014 at a California beer festival under the name H2OPS.  Although I loved it, I wasn't sure that other beer lovers would.  In fact I expected to be the brunt of many jokes, but thankfully most were blown away and the lines grew and we quickly ran out.  This was before “Dry January” was a thing and we now know that our first to market creation is the perfect way for active and healthy beer lovers to enjoy that amazing flavor of hops on more occasions.  It's also become a social reawakening to those who choose to abstain from alcohol.    


Paul Tecker - Founder & Brewer

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